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Thursday 31 July 2014

Things - Lush - Lush Haul Update July 2014

Recently I posted a Lush haul up you can read it here. So here's my experiences with the products...♡ 

♥ Ocean Salt ♥ 

lush ocean salt review, self preserving ocean salt

I love this scrub I use it on my face every couple of days. It gets rid of dead skin and leaves you with lovely soft skin, the scent on this is a gorgeous citrusy scent perfect for waking you up in the morning. I will definitely be getting this one again.

♥ Ultrabalm ♥ 

lush ultrabalm review
Well I absolutely love this product it literally does everything it says on the pot adding moisture anywhere you want. It really amazed me especially as it only has 3 ingredients. This tub is also much larger than what I was expecting and a little does really go a long way so I see it lasting a good couple of months. The concept is a similar type to vaseline but its far far better, the texture looks gloppy, but its actually silky smooth. I love using this particularly for my cuticles, I used to use Burt's Bees Lemon Cuticle Butter but I far prefer this one and as a bonus it has more uses and less chemicals.

♥ Tiny Hands ♥

lush tiny hands
This is a very moisturising bar and it soaks in really well, whilst I do think it works nicely I'm not a 100% loving the scent I find it a little to strong and by putting it on your hands I can constantly smell it. I'm not sure if I'd buy this again purely on the smell.

♥ King Of Butter ♥ 

lush king of butter review
I absolutely love this product, my skin has never been so smooth and the moisture will last at least a day which is never heard of for me and I've tried mountains of different lotions and potions in the past! I've nearly finished it since buying it about     2-3 weeks ago (I use it all over and every shower) so it has lasted quite long. I've also bought another already! It makes moisturising so effortless as you wash then glide it over your skin, leaving some oil residue then you rinse your skin and your good to go no need for sticky skin after moisturising anymore.

♥ Full Of Grace ♥ 

lush full of grace review
Unfortunately I'm not so keen on this either, after trying it I find the scent to much and just don't feel like its moisturising enough for me. It seems to sit on the skin for me rather than soak in, this alone probably puts me off as I usually use a Nivea dry skin cream which has a wet feeling that makes you feel like your skin is quenched. I don't see myself purchasing this one again.

♥ Sugar Scrub ♥ 

lush sugar scrub review
This is soooooooo good!. I love the scent its a very very fresh light scent. This has along with the King Of Butter transformed my skin to be gorgeously smooth and moisturised. I've also purchased another of these and started it already. I use this in place of a shower gel for every shower. My skin improves each time its used. I would definitely recommend this.

♥ T'eo ♥ 

lush teo review
This smells so fresh being a citrusy scent, I've used this daily since purchasing it and so far so good. It keeps me smelling fresh all day more than can be said for Holland and Barretts Dr Organics range. The only problem with this is that application is a little messy, the way I've found best to apply it is to scratch it then dab that on. I may try a different deodorant next time like the already powder ones but I do really like this one.

I hope that helps out of everything I bought I wouldn't hesitate on getting the Ultrabalm, King Of Butter and Sugar Scrub I can see them being a part of my daily routine for a very long time.

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Wednesday 30 July 2014

Nails - Gelaze - Shocking Pink and Fairy Dust

I bought the Gelaze in Shocking Pink and the Fairy Dust and I love them! I did a mani this Friday a while back and decided to go for Shocking Pink with some Fairy Dust on top.

This Gelaze colour has awful shrinkage as soon as I put it on my nail it shrunk about a millimetre or two all the way around! I decided to put some just on the ends then flash cure for around 10 seconds and that seemed to work. I then painted the whole nail very thinly and ended up using three coats. This did seem to shrink from the cuticle too, I will have to try putting the polish in the freezer like others have suggested next time.

After three coats of the Shocking Pink I added a medium coat of fairy dust cured for 30 seconds then applied a thin layer of top coat and cured for 30 then wiped to finish.

The final result is gorgeous and I'm happy with it even though it seems to have shrunk more than I would like. I've been wearing it for three days today and it's still intact and gorgeous. It's such a gorgeous bright barbie pink colour and the Fairy Dust on the top makes it even better, it has such a pretty sparkle.

Here's some pictures below...♡ 

gelaze shocking pink
gelaze fairy dust

Before taking it off...♡ 
gelaze shocking pink review

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Wednesday 23 July 2014

Things - Places - Moel Famau

Moel Famau is a very popular picturesque walk in the heart of the North Wales hills which is a group of hills called the Clwydian Range. 

Situated on the top of the mountain is a Jubilee tower that was built in 1810 to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of King George lll. The tower is now a relic of what it used to be, but there is currently some restoration work going on. The summit is 1818ft and from the Bwlch Pen Barras car park it's approximately a 3mile walk.

The walk is a pretty easy one with good paths except for a couple of patches that are rather steep with loose stone which can be skid prone.

It probably took about an hour and a half there and back depending on how fast you walk.

Here are a few pictures from my walk below...

moel famau car park
This is the one of the main carparks to begin your walk from  called Bwlch Pen Barras.

ruthin from noel famau
View towards the Vale Of Clwyd from the car park.

ruthin aerial
Some parts are like above and rougher.

moel famau juibilee tower
The tower.

moel famau statue
moel famau view towards mersyside
moel famau view towards denbighshire
moel famau sumit
moel famau scenery
bwlch pen barras
The way back to the car!

The walk is very rewarding as the views are simply fantastic, I've been up many times and will go many more times. If you live near or are visiting North Wales I would definitely recommend going up.
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Tuesday 22 July 2014

Hauls - Next - Summer Sale 2014

I went to the Next sale when it started on Saturday at 5AM!! I didn't sleep before going and ended up leaving at 3.30 ish to arrive by 4 fair to say I was ridiculously tired for a few days after. 

When I arrived at 4 I was 88th in the queue meaning that I was in the first lot allowed in. I'm glad I went at that time as I went straight to the Home department and within about 5 - 10 mins the shelves were nearly bare!

I did end up getting quite a few things!

next sale haul 2014, next summer sale

♥ Spotty Table Cloth ♥ 

next table cloth

I love cute spotty prints at the moment so I had to get this one, its the plc type and its a duck egg blue colour with white spots (wasn't easy to capture the colour of this makes the table a different colour!) This was a good price reduced to £10 from £22.

♥ Heart Plates ♥ 

next heart plates

These plates are so cute and match perfectly with my heart stands bought from Next you can see that post here, and for £1.50 from £4 definitely a great deal!

♥ Soak Bathroom Decoration ♥ 

next soak words bathroom decoration

There's something I love about these word decorations and this one is very pretty in a silver metallic finish with crackled mirror detailing to the front, this was reduced to £7 from £14 I think.

♥ Colourful Leopard Print Makeup Bag ♥ 

next make up bag

A translucent bag in a pencil case design with a coloured leopard print all over with a zipper to the top, cute and handy it was £2 from £5.

♥ Fridge Magnets ♥ 

next fridge magnets

Pretty vintage type print magnets with a clear layer over the print, very pretty these were £1.50 instead of £3.50.

♥ Seaside Picnic Blanket ♥ 

seaside picnic blanket by next

I love all of Next's seaside collection and this is a cute teal coloured picnic blanket covered in seaside themed words, it was £5 reduced from £10.

♥ Seaside Coasters ♥ 

next you me and the sea range

These coasters are so cute they are a chipboard type finish with cute sayings on them, they were £3 instead of £7.50.

♥ Cord Dog Door Stopper ♥

cord dog door stop

This cord dog door stop is a cute doorstop and far better than a boring one it was £5 instead of £12.

♥ Heart Shopper ♥

heart shopping bag

White shopping bag with red various heart shapes all over the bag this was £2 instead of £4.

♥ Blue Stripe Cooler Bag ♥

next cool bag
stripy coolbag backpack

I love the colour and design on this it will be perfect for a summer picnic it was £8 from £16.

♥ Seaside Tumblers ♥ 

seaside tumbler
next sea side glasses

I just love this design they're so cute these were a steal at £1.50 from £3.50, I got two sets of these.

♥ You Me And The Sea Bottle ♥ 

next you me and the sea bottle

I love this bottle thingy and it goes with the tumblers this was £2.50 from £6 I think.

Well I bought quite a few things from the sale this year, even though they didn't seem to have as much things in. Next always have lovely home items and theres nothing better than getting loads of items half price or less!

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Tuesday 15 July 2014

Hauls - Lush Haul - July 2014

I went shopping with a friend to Liverpool this Saturday and managed not to buy too much! I did get quite a few things in Lush though...

I've been trying to be healthier in general recently from what I eat to what products I use, so I thought I ought to get some products that were as natural as possible without being all diy's and I just don't have the time! So that lead me to lush.

I was really amazed with the amount of products they carry they literally have natural versions of every cosmetic used on a daily basis, so I ended up buying quite a few items.

Once I've tried them all I will write another post of what I thought so make sure to check back in a week or so!

♥ Ocean Salt ♥ 

I opted for the self-preserving version of this face and body scrub. It's a gritty scrub which I plan to use as a face exfoliator, its mainly sea salt with lime, grapefruit and a whole bunch of other lovelies for your skin. 

lush ocean salt self preserving
self preserving lush ocean salt review
I think you can get this in two sizes I opted for the smallest one to try it out first. The smell is gorgeous it smells so fresh.

It has a creamy coloured base and you can see the little granules of salt and it has a little blue swirl to it. I can't wait to use it!

lush ocean salt colour

♥ Ultrabalm ♥ 

Is a yellow multipurpose balm that is intended for use anywhere and anyhow basically, I plan on using it mainly for my cuticles and possibly elbows and knees! It only has three ingredients Jojoba Oil, Candelilla Wax and Rose Wax and its 100% and preservative free.

lush ultrabalm blogger post
When you open the screw lid it looks really wax like but as soon as you touch it I was surprised the texture is really different sort of waxy but it melts and is really easily absorbed. It is somehow quite similar to Vaseline but much less toxic. This doesn't have too much of a scent, but there's a slight smell of rose I think.

lush ultrabalm look

♥ Tiny Hands ♥ 

This is a cute hand shaped solid hand moisturiser block in a yellowy colour. 
It has quite a strong scent a florally/vanilla one and it full of lovely moisturisers including cocoa butter and shea butter. 

lush tiny hands blog post

♥ King Of Butter ♥ 

This is a crown shaped body butter to use just before your ready to get out of the shower. 
It has quite a strong smell but it does smell really comforting to me, it has bananas oats and all sorts to give lovely soft skin after your shower/bath.

king of butter lush
lush king of butter

♥ Full Of Grace ♥ 

This is a pink small oval solid face moisturising serum.
I thought I'd give it a try don't know how I'll like it though!
This one has mushrooms. chamomile and so forth to soothe and moisturise the skin.

lush full of grace, natural face moisturiser

♥ Sugar Scrub ♥ 

The sugar scrub is a green half a big bath bomb size. This smells so so so good by far my favourite smell of all the things I bought its such a fresh uplifting smell!
It has sugar, fennel, ginger and lavender oil in it I think this may be a fave of mine.

lush sugar scrub
sugar scrub lush

♥ T'eo ♥ 

This is a solid deodorant, it smells gorgeous its fresh and fruity. It has lemon, grapes, tea tree and lemon grass oil finished with a blue wax bottom and blue cornflower petals.

lush teo solid deodrant
natural solid deodorant
What are your favourite Lush products?

Christmas Lush Haul can be found here
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