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Thursday 31 July 2014

Things - Lush - Lush Haul Update July 2014

Recently I posted a Lush haul up you can read it here. So here's my experiences with the products...♡ 

♥ Ocean Salt ♥ 

lush ocean salt review, self preserving ocean salt

I love this scrub I use it on my face every couple of days. It gets rid of dead skin and leaves you with lovely soft skin, the scent on this is a gorgeous citrusy scent perfect for waking you up in the morning. I will definitely be getting this one again.

♥ Ultrabalm ♥ 

lush ultrabalm review
Well I absolutely love this product it literally does everything it says on the pot adding moisture anywhere you want. It really amazed me especially as it only has 3 ingredients. This tub is also much larger than what I was expecting and a little does really go a long way so I see it lasting a good couple of months. The concept is a similar type to vaseline but its far far better, the texture looks gloppy, but its actually silky smooth. I love using this particularly for my cuticles, I used to use Burt's Bees Lemon Cuticle Butter but I far prefer this one and as a bonus it has more uses and less chemicals.

♥ Tiny Hands ♥

lush tiny hands
This is a very moisturising bar and it soaks in really well, whilst I do think it works nicely I'm not a 100% loving the scent I find it a little to strong and by putting it on your hands I can constantly smell it. I'm not sure if I'd buy this again purely on the smell.

♥ King Of Butter ♥ 

lush king of butter review
I absolutely love this product, my skin has never been so smooth and the moisture will last at least a day which is never heard of for me and I've tried mountains of different lotions and potions in the past! I've nearly finished it since buying it about     2-3 weeks ago (I use it all over and every shower) so it has lasted quite long. I've also bought another already! It makes moisturising so effortless as you wash then glide it over your skin, leaving some oil residue then you rinse your skin and your good to go no need for sticky skin after moisturising anymore.

♥ Full Of Grace ♥ 

lush full of grace review
Unfortunately I'm not so keen on this either, after trying it I find the scent to much and just don't feel like its moisturising enough for me. It seems to sit on the skin for me rather than soak in, this alone probably puts me off as I usually use a Nivea dry skin cream which has a wet feeling that makes you feel like your skin is quenched. I don't see myself purchasing this one again.

♥ Sugar Scrub ♥ 

lush sugar scrub review
This is soooooooo good!. I love the scent its a very very fresh light scent. This has along with the King Of Butter transformed my skin to be gorgeously smooth and moisturised. I've also purchased another of these and started it already. I use this in place of a shower gel for every shower. My skin improves each time its used. I would definitely recommend this.

♥ T'eo ♥ 

lush teo review
This smells so fresh being a citrusy scent, I've used this daily since purchasing it and so far so good. It keeps me smelling fresh all day more than can be said for Holland and Barretts Dr Organics range. The only problem with this is that application is a little messy, the way I've found best to apply it is to scratch it then dab that on. I may try a different deodorant next time like the already powder ones but I do really like this one.

I hope that helps out of everything I bought I wouldn't hesitate on getting the Ultrabalm, King Of Butter and Sugar Scrub I can see them being a part of my daily routine for a very long time.

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