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Saturday 13 September 2014

Hauls - Primark - September 2014

I went shopping the other day and of course ended up going into Primark and getting a few things. 

There wasn't really that much there to be honest! I think they're between seasons with their stock. There wasn't any particular Autumn clothes it seemed like there were all sorts of seasons everywhere.

Here's all of what I bought...♡

♥ Two shirt/blouses
♥ Loafers
♥ Pj's
♥ Statement Necklace
♥ iPhone Case
♥ Nail Files
♥ Glow in the Dark Polish
♥ Socks 
primark haul september 2014

♥ Shirts ♥ 

I bought two blouse/shirts. The first one is a white short sleeved top with little flowers and stems in a navy blue and dark orange/red.
primark floral print top
bow on the top
ruffle detail on the top

The next one looks to be the exact same pattern of top but is a creamish white with lace detailing on the shoulders.
primark white blouse
primark white blouse detail

♥ Loafers ♥ 

I also bought some flat tan coloured shoes, loafer style ones. These ones actually have a generous sole for flats which is great as super flat shoes make my feet ache a lot!
primark loafers

♥ Pj's ♥ 

I bought some PJ's too, some pj legging trousers. One is white and has a aztec sort of pattern, the other two are navy one with little specks of colour that reminds me a bit of a starry night and the other has pink heart polka dots. (heart ones not pictured sorry!)I also got some large shirt pi's one New York and one Paris.
primark galaxy pj bottoms
primark aztek pj bottoms
paris shirt
new york shirt

♥ Statement Necklace ♥ 

One of my favourite things I bought is a silver coloured statement necklace that has a chunky chain and triangular shaped pieces. It reminds me a bit of a Roman style item.
primark statement necklace
primark silver statement necklace

♥ iPhone Case ♥ 

I got a cute cupcake case seen as I love baking in particular cupcakes!
cupcake phone case

♥ Randoms ♥ 

The rest were just random bits including invisible socks and normal socks. Some nail files, glow in the dark polish.
glow in the dark nail polish

Have you been into Primark recently?

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