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Tuesday 8 July 2014

Nails - Gradient - Bright Pink Summery Gradient

I created these nails the other day, oh my I love them! They're so pink and bright they scream summer to me.

My all time favourite mani in the summer is to have a bright gradient on my nails, it cheers you up on those summer days that are dull and dreary.

These nails do take quite an effort to create, but to me their totally worth it.

The things you will need to make these are:

♥ A white polish I used China Glaze White On White
♥ Three pinks of you choice I used China Glaze - Spring In My Step, Hang Ten Toes and Beach Cruise-R
Sparkly topper I used China Glaze Fairy Dust
♥ A top coat I used China Glaze Fast Forward Top Coat
A make up sponge or similar
♥ Vaseline
♥ Cotton Bud
♥ Tissue or something to protect your table etc
♥ Clean Up brush
♥ Nail Polish Remover

The way in which I make my gradient nails is:

1 - You need to prepare your nails for polish in which ever way you do.
2 - Paint your nails with the white polish, wait 5 mins then second coat or until its opaque.
3 - Apply vaseline around your nail to aid with clean up.
4 - Get your makeup sponge and paint a stripe near the edge with your lightest colour.
5 - Use your medium colour and paint a stripe touching and slightly overlapping this the previous one.
6 - Do the same with the darkest colour.
7 - Now you want to sponge this on your nail. Re-paint sponge as necessary for all nails.
8 - Wait 5 mins or so for that to dry the  proceed with as many coats as needed.
9 - After the gradient has dried for at least 10mins I add a sparkly topper.
10 - Wait 20mins or so.
11 - Add a top coat wait for as long as necessary then your good to go!

I have created YouTube videos on how I do gradient nails check them out they should help you further, I do the same technique with any colour combination. My YouTube link is at the top right in the sidebar.

Here's a few pictures of how mine turned out:

pink gradient nails

bright ombre nails

Any questions please ask!
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