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Monday 14 July 2014

Things - Diy - Oreo Frappe/Iced Drink

I've been re-obsessed with Oreo's recently and have also been loving KFC's Oreo Krushems, so I decided to try and make one at home.


♥ Ice
♥ Milk
♥ Oreo's - how many you desire I would use 4 

How to make...♡ 

♥ Smash some Oreos 
Place a desired quantity of Oreos in a sandwich bag or similar and smash with a wooden spoon until you get small bits and crumbs.

oreo recepie
crushed oreo recepie

♥ Measure the ice
You need to place ice up to the top of whatever glass you will be using it doesn't matter it the ice stick out a bit.

blended ice drink diy

♥ Pour in some milk of choice (probably whole would be best for creaminess)
You need to pour in the milk to the brim of the glass.

creamy cooler diy

♥ Pour ice and milk into the blender

ice and milk blend

♥ Blend until smooth with no ice lumps

phillips blender ice blending
ice blender
blended ice and milk

♥ Add Oreos in
Just mix quickly on a very low setting to get the Oreos combined.

oreos in a milk ice blend

♥ Pour back into the glass

blended oreo drink

♥ Top with cream(if desired) and add a chunky straw (I had ran out :( )

oreo krushem diy

Mmmm it was very refreshing and delicious. Let me know if you try it!
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