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Tuesday 16 September 2014

Nails - Mini Haul - Gelaze Autumnly/Winter Colours

The weather has changed for sure... there's already leaves beginning to fall off trees around me, so I decided it's time for some less neon colours that I've been loving this summer.

I decided to get a few more Gelaze polishes as I've been loving them so much, the wear is far far better than the originals.

The ones I got...♡ 

♥ Below Deck ♥ 
♥ Lubu Heels ♥ 
♥ Black Diamond ♥ 
♥ Liquid Leather ♥ 

gelaze autumn colours

Have you got any favourite colours for Autumn/Winter?
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Monday 15 September 2014

Things - Recipe - Beer Battered Onion Rings ♡ ♡ ♡

My love for onion rings has been rekindled recently, I love this delicious and easy recipe so thought I would share it with you.

Things you will need include...♡ 

♥ 1 ½  Cups - Plain Flour (plus a small amount for pre batter coating the onions) 
♥ 2 Teaspoons - Paprika
♥ 1 Teaspoon - Garlic powder 
♥ 1 Teaspoon - Onion Powder
♥ 2 Teaspoons - Salt
♥ ½ Teaspoon - Black Pepper
♥ 1 ½ Cups - Beer (without the head I use Carlsberg!)
♥ 2 Large - Onions (more may be needed depending on their size)

What to do...♡ 

I just put all the dry ingredients in the bowl then stir in the beer until smooth then leave to sit on the side for around 10mins.

In the meantime have your fryer on, I have mine on 190 degrees celsius. Then slice your onions and then put the flour on a plate or similar and get the slices of onion coated in flour.  Have a bowl with kitchen paper ready.

Then you drop the onions in the batter and shake off the excess, place them in the fryer (just enough to cover the surface, about 5/6 at a time) until your desired colour for me they took a couple of minutes per batch. 

When a batch is ready simply place them in your prepared bowl, sprinkle some salt on them then eat or transfer onto something to place in oven until the rest are ready.

Then enjoy!

These are particularly tasty with Heinz BBQ sauce the sweet and sticky version delicious!

beer battered onion ring recipe
Let me know how they go for you, any questions please ask.

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Saturday 13 September 2014

Hauls - Primark - September 2014

I went shopping the other day and of course ended up going into Primark and getting a few things. 

There wasn't really that much there to be honest! I think they're between seasons with their stock. There wasn't any particular Autumn clothes it seemed like there were all sorts of seasons everywhere.

Here's all of what I bought...♡

♥ Two shirt/blouses
♥ Loafers
♥ Pj's
♥ Statement Necklace
♥ iPhone Case
♥ Nail Files
♥ Glow in the Dark Polish
♥ Socks 
primark haul september 2014

Friday 5 September 2014

Things - Hair Colouring - L'oreal Casting Creme Gloss in Black Cherry

I decided to get rid of some growing out ombreish bits in my hair for a more Autumnly colour.

I decided on the L'oreal Casting Creme Gloss as I've used their colours in the past and I've been happy with the condition and the colours have been ok. I hadn't tried this one in the past and thought it looked nice on the box so thought I would give it a go.
loreal casting creme gloss black cherry
casting creme gloss black cherry

The procedure is really easy, you should do the patch test first then proceed if you don't have any reactions.

This is what you get in the box...♡
loreal casting creme gloss box contents

You need to wet your hair then towel dry it thoroughly first.

All you then need to do is pierce the pink tube then squeeze it into the white pot close that lid give it a really good shake then take the little cap off immediately to avoid it bursting.
casting creme gloss process

Pop your gloves on then apply the mixture.

Your supposed to apply the colour in sections but the way I did it was to have my hair in my normal parting then apply a generous amount of colour, I then put some on sections under either side of my parting then ended up just squirting it on and massaging it all through my hair. I would stick to sections if you have greys to make sure you get them all.

I then left it on for around 20mins.

You then need to massage some warm water around your hair then rinse until the water runs clear, which does take quite some time.

You then apply some royal jelly formulation which makes your hair super shiny.

before dying with casting creme gloss

And here's the end result...♡  (oops I've somehow deleted it there's an image on my Instagram link here)

I am rather impressed with the result, the colour isn't probably as bright as the box but it never is! I do nevertheless really like the colour and I think I will be continuing to use it throughout the colder months, the colour is supposed to last 28 washes but we'll see how it goes!

Have you tried any home colorants recently?, how did they go?

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