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Saturday 15 March 2014

China Glaze - Ink Collection - 2008

I recently bought a few from this collection which was actually released a fair few years ago. All of the colours in this collection are bright and pretty. 

The one's I have from the collection are:

♥ Shocking Pink (neon)
I would describe this colour as a barbie pink, it it dries to a matte finish (neon style) which takes a few coats and is not the easiest to apply.

china glaze shocking pink

♥ Purple Panic
This is a pretty pink/purple of the fuchsia sort it does seem to have a little bit of a blueish shimmer to it, neon again so dries matte and takes a few coats. This is on neon type too, they dry really quick so application is a bit tricky.

♥ Pink Voltage
Is  bright neon pink with a shimmer to it it's a gorgeous colour. It dries matte like the others, takes a few coats and is a neon type polish.

china glaze pink voltage

 Application can be a little tricky with this collection but to be honest I think the colours are definitely worth it.

Others in the collection are…
♥ Blue Sparrow
♥ Flying Dragon
♥ Rose Among Thorns
♥ Sacred Heart
♥ Japanese Koi
♥ Celtic Sun
♥ In The Lime Light
♥ Turned Up Turquoise

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Friday 14 March 2014

Marc Jacobs - Mini Coffret Set

With me loving the Marc Jacobs Daisy and Dot perfumes I found a set of minis online lil you'd get from an airline duty free.

 The set has the Daisy, Daisy fresh, Oh Lola and the Dot perfumes. They are really tiny at 4ml each, but the perfect size to carry around in your handbag and for travelling. The bonus is that they can also be refilled as they are he open bottle type, not forgetting that they're uber cute little miniatures of the large bottles. The packaging on the set of little boxes is really pretty and detailed too, it would be a lovely gift.

Some photos below:

marc jacobs mini perfumes

marc jacobs mini coffret set

marc jacobs dot miniature

marc jacobs mini daisy perfume

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Sunday 9 March 2014

China Glaze - Blue Toned Polish Comparisons

Going to compare a few colours, as when I was buying these I wasn't clear on the difference between them.

I'm going to compare "At Vase Value", "Aquadelic", "Kinetic Candy" and "Too Yacht To Handle".

china glaze kinetic candy dupe at vase value, too yacht to handle, aquadelic, china glazed aquadelic dupe, china glaze aquadelic vs too yacht to handle
From left-right : Kinetic Candy, At Vase Value, Too Yacht To Handle, Aquadelic.

china glaze blues

As you can see in some they do look quite similar and for most one or two could be picked but for me nope! I'm very finicky and can say that all the colours are justifiably different to own them all, especially as this type of blue is my absolute fave colour.

The only ones that are quite comparable in my eyes are Too Yacht To Handle and Aquadelic, they're both a type of teal/blue where A is more teal and darker and T is more turquoise and brighter/lighter. If you were to pick one I'd probably pick Too Yacht To Handle as I prefer that colour and I love the fact that it's brighter.

Kinetic Candy, At Vase Value, Aquadelic, Too Yacht To Handle (left-right per row)

Kinetic Candy and At Vase Value are unique in their own way. KC is a dusty greyish blue whereas AVV is a robin egg blue.

Kinetic Candy and At Vase Value are unique whereas Aquadelic and Too Yacht To Handle have similarities. My favourites out of these are Too Yacht To Handle and At Vase Value, and if limiting it would be those two that I picked.

Hope this helps, any questions etc leave me a comment!

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Friday 7 March 2014

China Glaze - City Flourish - 2014

With spring finally here and finding myself dreaming about summer, I thought it's time for some pretty pastels. I spotted China Glaze's new collection and just had to get some.

I limited myself and decided to only purchase colours that were totally different to my collection which tend to consist of many similar colours.

Therefore I decided to buy At Vase Value, In A Lily Bit and Spring In My Step, the three of these looked pastelish on the website and I didn't think I had anything similar.

china glaze city flourish collection

The colours arrived this morning and I must say the colours of the three are absolutely stunning unfortunately though they are quite difficult to apply as they are streaky, but for me they're totally worth extra effort in application because I just love the colours. 

Images of the bottles and swatchers are true to form, whereas the images of manis have a coat of China Glaze Fast Forward top coat. 

The three I got were…

♥ At Vase Value ♥ 

This is a gorgeous what I'd describe as a light robin egg colour, it's by far my favourite colour of the three I bought.

china glaze at vase value

I will add an image of a mani as soon as I try it. x

♥ In A Lily Bit ♥ 

A very pretty pastel lilac, I have nothing similar in my collection it is a bit streaky like the others I'd say this is my least favourite of the collection only due to colour. I used a thin thicker thin coat application for this then topped it with a top coat to even it out. Overall the finish is ok but it's not the tidiest looking finish.

china glaze in a lily bit

chin glaze in a lily bit

♥ Spring In My Step ♥ 

Spring In My Step is a pastel pink it's gorgeous and I haven't seen anything similar by China Glaze before. Streakiness was an issue like the others and this was a 3 coater with the need of topcoat too. This is a gorge colour though and definitely worth the effort.

china glaze spring in my step

china glaze spring in my step

Overall the ease of application is a little bit disappointing, but I will still use them again and don't regret purchasing them because I simply love the colours.

City Flourish Complete Collection Includes...
♥ Thistle Do Nicely
♥ Peonies & Park Ave
♥ Petal To The Metal
♥ Spring In My Step
♥ Strike A Rose
♥ Don't Honk Your Thorn
♥ In A Lily Bit
♥ Lotus Begin
♥ What A Pansy
♥ At Vase Value
♥ Grass Is Lime Greener
♥ Metro Pollen-Tin

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Tuesday 4 March 2014

China Glaze - Electro Pop Collection - Spring 2012

I bought a few from the past Electro Pop Collection recently which were…

Aquadelic ♥ 

Aquadelic is an aqua blueish creme with a tinge of green, it isn't as bright as I was hoping it would be but nevertheless it's a beautiful colour and applies in two coats.

china glaze aquadelic

china glaze aquadelic label

china glaze aquadelic swatch

♥ Electric Beat ♥ 

This is a periwinkle type of blue that has a creme type finish, I would use 2 coats must admit this is my least favourite out of the three.

china glaze electric beat

china glaze electric beat

china glaze electric beat swatch

♥ Kinetic Candy ♥ 

I would describe this as a pale dusty blue which has a slight greyish tinge to it, lovely creme finish like all the others and I don't have any colour like it. I've found this to be a 2 coater and love using it in wintery manis.

china glaze kinetic candy

china glaze kinetic candy label

china glaze kinetic candy swatch

Hope this helps any one looking for these colours I will try to put up some comparisons as soon as possible.

Complete Electro Pop Collection…
♥ Aquadelic
♥ Electric Beat
♥ Kinetic Candy
♥ Fuchsia Fanatic
♥ Dance Baby
♥ Sweet Hook
♥ Gothic Lolita
♥ Techno
♥ Gaga for Green
♥ Sunshine Pop
♥ Make Some Noise
♥ Wicked Style

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