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Friday 4 July 2014

Nails - Gelaze - Flying Dragon Review

I've been waiting to try Gelaze for what seems like forever, I bought just three the Top Coat, Flying Dragon and White On White for the time being.

I did a glaze sandwich a while back for my sister's Minion fancy dress for her last day in Sixth Form (link at the bottom).

So I decided to try the Gelaze by itself for my own mani in the Flying Dragon shade. The colour applies nicely except for what most others have said, that the tips shrink straight away! The way I got around this was to paint a tiny amount on the tip then put it under the LED lamp quickly to cure for around 10 seconds. I then did the same for four fingers then painted the whole nail thinly and cured for 30 seconds. I did a second coat just as a whole nail for 30 seconds for all then top coated and cured for 30 and repeated the same for the other four fingers then the thumbs.

I must say I'm really impressed with the polish I love the finish its a gorgeous colour in a jelly purple hue with blue and purple micro glitters. The finish is jelly looking and so shiny I just love it! 

I've been so impressed with the wear too, normally China Glaze only lasts on my nails for 2-3 days max before its so badly chipped it just has to come off. As of today its been on for 6 days there is a tiny tiny amount of tip wear which is barely noticeable and I would probably keep it on except for a chip on my pointer finger due to my own fault of catching it then not being able to resist picking it.

Here's a photo of the polish freshly applied and the comparison 6 days later..

China glaze glaze flying dragon review

Overall I'm incredibly happy with the polish and would definitely recommend, I've actually now purchased For Audrey, Shocking Pink and Fairy Dust can't wait to try them.

Minion gelaze sandwich post: here
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