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Thursday 29 May 2014

Hauls - Primark (Again!!) Summery Shoes - May 2014

I went out for food on Saturday and popped into Primark at the same time….
The last time I went shopping I looked in Office and saw some gorgeous Ted Baker Jelly shoes and have been pondering over buying them since then.
When I went into Primark I found some that were near dupes so I just had to get them, in all three colours oops! Well bare in mind that three pairs are still cheaper than the Ted Baker ones it doesn't count !
The jelly gladiators were £4 a pair what a bargain! I'm just thinking these will be fab for summer, just need some sun instead of all the rain now. I loved them so much I got them in black, white and a coraly pink.

primark jelly shoes, jelly gladiators, ted baker jelly shoes dupes
white jelly shoes, gladiator jelly shoes
coral jelly shoes, prim ark pink jelly shoes
 I also got some neon coloured flip flops, perfect for the beach and at £1 each a pair how could I not get them!

neon pink flip flops, prim ark flip flops
neon flip flop, yellow flip flop, prim ark flip flops

primark sandals, jelly shoes, ted baker jelly dupes, primark jelly shoes
 Have you been into Primark and got some nice things recently? Have you bought some nice summery clothes/shoes anywhere?

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Monday 26 May 2014

Nails - China Glaze Pinks - Comparison/Review

I have quite a few pinks in my collection now so I thought I would do a comparison showing how similar/unsimilar they are.

china glaze pink collection, china glaze dupes, china glaze pinks
Spring In My Step - Shocking Pink - Pink Voltage - Hang Ten Toes - Pool Party - Love's A Beach - You Drive Me Coconuts - Purple Panic - Beach Cruise-R - Bad Kitty

♥ Spring In My Step ♥ 

This one is from the City Flourish collection for Spring this year its a beautiful pale pretty pink, this one is very unique in my collection as you can see above.

china glaze spring in my step

♥ Shocking Pink ♥ 

I would describe this as a darker version of Spring In My Step, a pretty barbie creme pink finish its gorge.

china glaze shocking pink

♥ Pink Voltage ♥ 

This one is sorta similar to Shocking Pink in colour but has a darker tone with a shimmer to it as its a neon.

china glaze pink voltage

♥ Hang Ten Toes ♥ 

This is a gorgeous pink with a shimmery finish this along with Love's a Beach are very similar in formula where Hang Ten Toes is lighter than Love's a beach and that's the only difference. I wouldn't buy both again as they are so similar really so I would pick Hang Ten Toes.

china glaze hang ten toes

♥ Pool Party ♥ 

This is my fave of all pinks its a gorge highlighter pink neon finish polish and nothing compares to it I promise!

china glaze love's a beach

♥ Love's a Beach ♥ 

Very similar to Hang Ten Toes just a darker variant.

china glaze pool party

♥ You Drive Me Coconuts ♥ 

A hot pink/fuchsia jelly finish polish a pinker version of Purple Panic its unique in my collection on colour and finish.

china glaze you drive me coconuts

♥ Purple Panic ♥

This is a fuchsia polish thats a neon finish its also unique and very pretty.

china glaze purple panic

♥ Beach Cruise-R ♥

This is a purple shimmery polish that is also unique in my collection.

china glaze beach cruiser

♥ Bad Kitty ♥

Love this sparkly pink polish if you're after a pink glitter polish I would recommend it, the finish is a bit jellyfish crammed full of glitter beautiful!

china glaze bad kitty

Do you own any of these? Are you thinking of getting any?

There will be a video for these on my YouTube account.

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Sunday 4 May 2014

Hauls - Primark May 2014

I went late afternoon shopping the other day and got quite a few items from Primark.

I got quite a few casual baggy tees bonus being they're only £5 each, I'll probably wear them on slouchy sunny days with some skinnies or shorts with some trainers or some sandals I really want to get some jellies.

Here they are below…

primark haul, prim ark summer 2014 haul, primark 2014 review

♥ Polaroid Tee

I think this is my fave of the lot, its a colourful shirt with polaroids all over it love it!

primark polaroid tshirt, primark baggy top

♥ Sunset Love 

It has a sunset colouring vertically with the words 'Love' in black capitals.

primark sunset tshirt, primark baggy top

♥ Rainbow LA

Love this one too it has a ombre/rainbow effect from left to right then has white transparent 'L ♡ A' over the middle with a LA scene with palm trees in the background.
prim ark sunset love tshirt, primark baggy top

♥ Beach 

This is a beach scene with the words 'believe in your dreams' love the quote and the design too.

primark beach tshirt, primark baggy top

♥ Black and white

It has a girl staring into space with the quote 'DREAM IT WISH IT DO IT' loving this quote too it's a motivational t-shirt! 

prim ark do it tshirt, primark baggy top

♥ Pink vintage

This has a polaroid with a girl taking a picture inside it with the quote 'GIVE IT A SHOT' and 'LIFE IS ABOUT TAKING CHANCES' i like this quote too.

primark vintage tshirt, primark baggy top, photography tshirt

I got a couple skinnies in some bright summery colours, they had so many gorgeous bright ones there I picked two more pastel shade ones in a robin egg blue and coral they were both £8 each They're both the super soft type and I'm totally in love with the colours oh so summery.
robin egg skinny jeans, primark skinny jeans
coral skinny jeans, primark skinny jeans

I also bought a black and white jumpsuit, it has a sort of leopard style print 

Primark playsuit, black and white playsuit

I also bought some nail supplies too, I got some makeup sponges in the triangular shape which are perfect for some gradient/sponged manis. I also got some nail glass type files and some cuticle sticks all a bargain at £1 each.

makeup sponges, primark makeup sponges

Primark nail file, glass nail file, rhinestone nail file

primark orange sticks, primark cuticle pushers

Have you bought anything nice in Primark lately?

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