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Friday 27 June 2014

Things - Jewellery - Pandora

I just love Jewellery, I can't get enough of the lovely shiny stuff! My favourite brand is Pandora. 

I first got some Pandora years and years ago when it wasn't quite as popular, I remember getting a classic bracelet and the teal flower murano for my 16th I think it was. Ever since then I've always been fond of their jewellery. Over the years my collection has grown, but what I like to do is sell the items I don't wear anymore so that I can get items from the newest collection.

I received a bangle for my past Birthday and currently I like that much more than the original snake chain type bracelet. I love the increased shininess, it feels lighter, it doesn't pinch and you are not limited with sections you can have 3 less or more which is a huge benefit over the classic style.

I love to wear this and it has some gorgeous turquoise and teal muranos and some seaside themed charms. At the end of the summer I'll probably sell them ready to get some of the more Autumnly charms. I like to pair this with my teal triple wrap that has a cute seashell on it. 

Some pictures below...

pandora summer bangle, pandora summer charms
pandora teal leather bracelet with seashell charm
pandora summer stack with leather bracelet and bangle
pandora summer look

Do you have any Pandora jewellery?
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Friday 20 June 2014

Things - My Perfume Collection - May 2014

I love perfume but every girl does right?

 I had a major clear out recently as my dressing table was just far too cluttered and some of the perfumes had sorta gone to smell funny so it was time to get rid of quite a few.

Now I have just a few left that are my favourites at the moment. My fav brand at the moment is definitely Marc Jacobs the only scent that I don't like is the black bottle daisy!

♥ Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh ♥ 

This is my fave especially for summer, to me it smells like summer reminding me of flower filled fields and the smell of raspberry plant crops. I would say its a lighter version of Daisy (which I like to wear more in winter). It has raspberry, grapefruit and pear as the top layer with violets, wild rose and apple blossom as the mid and a base of musks, cedarwood and plum. The bottle is clear revealing the pink potion inside with pink themed flowers on the lid. One thing i have noticed with this is it doesn't seem to last as long as Daisy in how long I can smell it for, so I'm guessing that's why they supply it in larger quantities.

♥ Marc Jacobs Dot ♥ 

This is my second favourite at the moment it is quite a strong scent with red berries, jasmine and driftwood. I just love the smell to me it's quite sweet and sumptuous but has a sort of homely smell to me ! But it definitely won't be everyone's cup of tea. The bottle/packaging reminds me of ladybirds with its red base and black spots all Marc Jacobs perfumes have gorgeous bottles that look fab on your dressing table.

♥ Marc Jacobs Daisy ♥ 

This is quite a bit stronger than So Fresh which I tend to wear most in wintery months (don't know why!) It has a florally smell with what I'd describe as an underlying kick in it. It has strawberry, violet leaves, violet petals, jasmine bouquet, musk and vanilla infusion. This is the most popular fragrance by Marc Jacobs I believe and the packaging on this is so cute with little white daisies on the lid and the golden goodness showing through the glass bottle.

♥ Next Define ♥ 

This is one I had as a gift set for Christmas I do like the smell its quite nice and really good for the price! I would say its sort of musky type of smell with a fruity scent too. I can't find it on their website anymore so they may have discontinued it.

♥ Next Just Pink ♥ 

This is another gift I received, I do like this one but I don't love it, it has quite a strong smell 

I popped into Debenhams the other day and noticed Marc Jacobs has brought out a few limited edition perfumes recently. 

There was a Daisy Delight which had a blue colour to it which I would say is my favourite out of them all and I'm quite tempted to go and get one too!

Another was Daisy Eau So Fresh Delight this has a pink colour to the perfume and is in larger quantities like the original Eau So Fresh fragrances, I wasn't as keen on this one which is a total surprise to me as at the moment the original Eau So Fresh is my favourite.

There was also a pink Honey limited edition, but I wasn't keen on that one at all.

Here's a picture of them all together on my dressing table, I think pretty fragrance bottles make a dressing table look perfect!

I have written a few other posts on perfumes (Marc Jacobs) let's be honest my total fave brand at the moment. If you want to read them and see more pictures of the bottles etc you will find the posts under the 'Things' tab in my navigation or in my blog archive.

What fragrances do you have in your collection at the moment?

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Wednesday 4 June 2014

Nails - China Glaze - Gelaze - Purchases and Thoughts

This collection has taken forever to arrive in the UK, Iv'e been dying to try it ever since Nov 13' when it was announced by China Glaze that they would be creating a Gelaze line.

I love China Glaze polishes but the problem I have is that it doesn't quite last long enough on my natural nails, so I hope that Gelaze will be the solution for me.

This collection has the base coat integrated into the colour which means you only need a colour and the topcoat.

The colours I decided to get for now are…

♥ White On White, Flying Dragon and the top coat ♥ 

china glaze top coat, white on white and flying dragon

So far I've used it as a sandwich idea to make some minion nails for my sisters fancy dress. 

china gelaze sandwich creating minion nails

I did three really thin coats of White on White  and cured each coat for 30 seconds each, I then painted a coat of Polka Dot Bikini for the minion yellow then waited for that to air dry. 
Next I painted on the blue dungarees using Sunday Funday, Liquid Leather for the black parts and White on White (non gelaze) for the white parts.

After all this dried naturally I applied a thin coat of the glaze top coat then cured for 30 seconds. 

The LED light I used was Red Carpets Professional LED Light and some alcohol wipes that are sterile wipes from Amazon.

So far its turned out amazing it has stayed chip free for approximately 4 days which is great compared to the normal wear I get. The chips that have occurred are of the non-gelaze type and the white gelaze below is still intact.

I can't wait to use more of the gelaze range and will let you know how that goes. Have you used any and how are you finding it to be?

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