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Thursday 10 July 2014

Nails - Nails Of The Month - June 2014

Here it is all the design's I did this month, which isn't very many . I've had crappy nails recently due to eating unhealthy foods.

I'm now eating healthier again after all the exam junk food and they're starting to grow slowly again!

The first design I did that I will include this month is the Minion Gelaze Sandwich I did this mani for my sister who was attending a Minion fancy dress party in school these turned out so well for my first time ever using gel and doing a gel sandwich at the same time! Here's a picture below:

gel minion nails

The next mani was a Gelaze Gradient Sandwich these didn't turn out quite so well as the polish doesn't seem to stick very well to the gel, picture below:

gelaze gradient sandwich nails

The last were Gelaze Flying Dragon Mani these were so nice my nails are still tiny and look pretty crappy, but even though they were bendy and strange shaped this polish stayed on for near a week which I was so happy about I never have polish staying on for more than a day or two most of the time! Here's a pic below:

glaze flying dragon

If you would like to see the original posts on these manis the links are below:

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♥ 3rd - Gelaze Flying Dragon Mani
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