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Sunday 6 July 2014

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Summer just wouldn't be the same without having some picnics. It's lovely on a nice sunny day to go to a pretty park or some nice walking areas and taking a picnic along to enjoy in the lovely sun. 

I normally am not too keen on sandwiches and alike but if its included in a picnic that's fine! There's just something nice about having some sandwiches, nibble foods, fruit, cakes and refreshing drinks in a nice spot it brings calm to a hectic lifestyle which we all seem to have these days. It's also nice to see something outside of being glued to your phone and being on social media and the internet 24/7, which I'm terribly guilty of. 

We've had picnic cooler bags in the past but we haven't been on a picnic in so long I have no idea where they went. I've been getting a bit keen on more vintage items recently which is totally opposite to the norm of modernistic tendency for me! I saw a gorgeous wicker picnic basket in the Joules sale reduced from £90 to £10, but just my luck there wasn't one in stock sob!

I had a scour around the web and loads of places seem to have sales on at the moment on summery/picnic items. I landed on BHS's site and found a really cute red and white polka dot wicker flap style basket reduced from £90 to £36, well that was it I was getting this one before these went out of stock too (I checked my BHS account and had a scour the other day and loads of them have gone out of stock too!). 

bhs polka dot picnic basket

It's a lovely basket that has a carrying handle and two flaps that open, which to me make more sense than the briefcase style ones which all the food tip when you carry it surely? It has plates, cutlery and a wine glass for four people. It even has salt and pepper pots and a bottle opener so cute!

wicker picnic basket review

bhs wicker polka dot picnic basket review

picnic basket hamper

picnic basket with wine glasses

picnic basket with flaps

cute picnic basket review

picnic basket with salt and pepper pots

I can't wait to try it out, I'll take some pictures when I do!

Have you been on a picnic this year?

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