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Monday 7 July 2014

Nails - Gelaze - Gradient Sandwich

Seeing as it's summer now my I created some gradient nails for my sister, I decided to try it using Gelaze as the gradient takes a while and there's nothing more annoying than it chipping soon after.

The colours used were Splish Splash, Beach Cruise-R, Fairy Dust and Pink Voltage along with gelaze top coat and White On White.

The way which I did this was to paint one coat of white on white and cure that, then I did the gradient with the colours listed above. I then did the gradient again, then after all this had air dried I added a thin coat of Fairy Dust and waited for that to air dry. Then I put the glaze top coat on and cured.

The result is fine I'm so pleased as I can now still create my favourite mani with longer results and also use my normal glaze polishes. I'm not sure how this would work with gelaze polishes as it seems a little more gloopy than normal polish to me, but I think I will have to give it a try.

The wear like this isn't as great but it still lasted for 4 days without chips etc which is longer than it probably would if it was normal polish.

NOTE: you really do need to let the final coat dry for about 30mins minimum I would suggest otherwise the Gelaze top coat won't cure properly.

You can see some pictures below...

I think it could have done with another layer of gradient but as this was my first attempt at a sandwiched gradient I wanted to keep it thin to ensure that the top coat would cure.

This is the final result not that tidy but there we go:

gelaze gradient sandwich

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