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Tuesday 29 December 2015

Christmas Yankee Candle Collection!

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Loving Yankee Candles at the moment and seem to have acquired a fair few! ooops!

♥ Christmas Eve ♥
A berry, wintery scented candle that doesn't have an overpowering scent.

♥ Sugared Apple ♥ 
This is a very sweet and strong scent kind of similar to Lush So White.

♥ Red Apple Wreath ♥ 
Lovely apple and Christmas tree sorta smell.

♥ Christmas Cookie ♥ 
Vanilla and icing scent! heavenly, quite strongly scented.

♥ Angels Wings ♥ 
This smells a little like a cotton candle, not too strong.

♥ Christmas Memories ♥ 
Quite a strongly scented Christmas scent mix up of cinnamon, ginger etc.

My favourite would probably be Christmas Cookie followed by Christmas Eve/Memories.

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