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Wednesday 2 December 2015

Christmasy IKEA!

It's now all Christmasy at Ikea and full of beautiful displays and products.

Heres quite a few pics... 

ikea warrington christmas display
STRALA ikea decoration

STRALA LED Decoration - £14
ikea christmas range
IKEA twig lights
STRALA ikea tree lights
STRALA LED Decoration - £12
IKEA led garland
STRALA star pendant
STRALA Pendant Lamp - £7/10
ikea star candle vinter 2015
Vinter 2015 Star Candle - £3.50(3pack)
ikea christmas wrap
strala star table decoration ikea
STRALA Table Decoration - £24
christmas at ikea
christmas kitchen ikea
ikea kitchen
copper pendant stala at ikea
ikea strala star light
ikea christmas gift boxes vinter 2015
Vinter 2015 Gift boxes in gold - £3.50 (3 pack)
cookie cutters winter 2015
Vinter 2015 cookie cutters - £4
sardal and strala lights in ikea with prisms
SARDAL and STRALA prism lights - £4, £3
ikea christmas 2015
ikea wreath
ikea christmas gift boxes
Vinter 2015 Gift boxes blue/pink - £2.50 (2 pack)
strala lanterns
STRALA LED Lantern Set - £6 (3 pack)
christmas kitchen at ikea
christmas dining ikea christmas 2015
Vinter 2015 place mats - £3 (4 pack)
ikea christmas decorations
strala copper star light ikea
STRALA LED Star Light - £14 
ikea christmas 2015
bauble wreath ikea
Vinter 2015 wreath - £14
white wreath ikea
STRALA white wreath - £25
copper star light ikea
STRALA copper/white star light - £24
ikea star lights
ikea christmas 2015 lights
strala copper star light ikea
STRALA smaller star light in copper - £8
gold and silver wrapping paper at ikea
Vinter 2015 wrapping paper - £1.75 (roll)
ikea christmas lights
ikea star lights

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