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Friday 27 June 2014

Things - Jewellery - Pandora

I just love Jewellery, I can't get enough of the lovely shiny stuff! My favourite brand is Pandora. 

I first got some Pandora years and years ago when it wasn't quite as popular, I remember getting a classic bracelet and the teal flower murano for my 16th I think it was. Ever since then I've always been fond of their jewellery. Over the years my collection has grown, but what I like to do is sell the items I don't wear anymore so that I can get items from the newest collection.

I received a bangle for my past Birthday and currently I like that much more than the original snake chain type bracelet. I love the increased shininess, it feels lighter, it doesn't pinch and you are not limited with sections you can have 3 less or more which is a huge benefit over the classic style.

I love to wear this and it has some gorgeous turquoise and teal muranos and some seaside themed charms. At the end of the summer I'll probably sell them ready to get some of the more Autumnly charms. I like to pair this with my teal triple wrap that has a cute seashell on it. 

Some pictures below...

pandora summer bangle, pandora summer charms
pandora teal leather bracelet with seashell charm
pandora summer stack with leather bracelet and bangle
pandora summer look

Do you have any Pandora jewellery?
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