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Wednesday 4 June 2014

Nails - China Glaze - Gelaze - Purchases and Thoughts

This collection has taken forever to arrive in the UK, Iv'e been dying to try it ever since Nov 13' when it was announced by China Glaze that they would be creating a Gelaze line.

I love China Glaze polishes but the problem I have is that it doesn't quite last long enough on my natural nails, so I hope that Gelaze will be the solution for me.

This collection has the base coat integrated into the colour which means you only need a colour and the topcoat.

The colours I decided to get for now are…

♥ White On White, Flying Dragon and the top coat ♥ 

china glaze top coat, white on white and flying dragon

So far I've used it as a sandwich idea to make some minion nails for my sisters fancy dress. 

china gelaze sandwich creating minion nails

I did three really thin coats of White on White  and cured each coat for 30 seconds each, I then painted a coat of Polka Dot Bikini for the minion yellow then waited for that to air dry. 
Next I painted on the blue dungarees using Sunday Funday, Liquid Leather for the black parts and White on White (non gelaze) for the white parts.

After all this dried naturally I applied a thin coat of the glaze top coat then cured for 30 seconds. 

The LED light I used was Red Carpets Professional LED Light and some alcohol wipes that are sterile wipes from Amazon.

So far its turned out amazing it has stayed chip free for approximately 4 days which is great compared to the normal wear I get. The chips that have occurred are of the non-gelaze type and the white gelaze below is still intact.

I can't wait to use more of the gelaze range and will let you know how that goes. Have you used any and how are you finding it to be?

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