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Monday 26 May 2014

Nails - China Glaze Pinks - Comparison/Review

I have quite a few pinks in my collection now so I thought I would do a comparison showing how similar/unsimilar they are.

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Spring In My Step - Shocking Pink - Pink Voltage - Hang Ten Toes - Pool Party - Love's A Beach - You Drive Me Coconuts - Purple Panic - Beach Cruise-R - Bad Kitty

♥ Spring In My Step ♥ 

This one is from the City Flourish collection for Spring this year its a beautiful pale pretty pink, this one is very unique in my collection as you can see above.

china glaze spring in my step

♥ Shocking Pink ♥ 

I would describe this as a darker version of Spring In My Step, a pretty barbie creme pink finish its gorge.

china glaze shocking pink

♥ Pink Voltage ♥ 

This one is sorta similar to Shocking Pink in colour but has a darker tone with a shimmer to it as its a neon.

china glaze pink voltage

♥ Hang Ten Toes ♥ 

This is a gorgeous pink with a shimmery finish this along with Love's a Beach are very similar in formula where Hang Ten Toes is lighter than Love's a beach and that's the only difference. I wouldn't buy both again as they are so similar really so I would pick Hang Ten Toes.

china glaze hang ten toes

♥ Pool Party ♥ 

This is my fave of all pinks its a gorge highlighter pink neon finish polish and nothing compares to it I promise!

china glaze love's a beach

♥ Love's a Beach ♥ 

Very similar to Hang Ten Toes just a darker variant.

china glaze pool party

♥ You Drive Me Coconuts ♥ 

A hot pink/fuchsia jelly finish polish a pinker version of Purple Panic its unique in my collection on colour and finish.

china glaze you drive me coconuts

♥ Purple Panic ♥

This is a fuchsia polish thats a neon finish its also unique and very pretty.

china glaze purple panic

♥ Beach Cruise-R ♥

This is a purple shimmery polish that is also unique in my collection.

china glaze beach cruiser

♥ Bad Kitty ♥

Love this sparkly pink polish if you're after a pink glitter polish I would recommend it, the finish is a bit jellyfish crammed full of glitter beautiful!

china glaze bad kitty

Do you own any of these? Are you thinking of getting any?

There will be a video for these on my YouTube account.

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