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Sunday 9 March 2014

China Glaze - Blue Toned Polish Comparisons

Going to compare a few colours, as when I was buying these I wasn't clear on the difference between them.

I'm going to compare "At Vase Value", "Aquadelic", "Kinetic Candy" and "Too Yacht To Handle".

china glaze kinetic candy dupe at vase value, too yacht to handle, aquadelic, china glazed aquadelic dupe, china glaze aquadelic vs too yacht to handle
From left-right : Kinetic Candy, At Vase Value, Too Yacht To Handle, Aquadelic.

china glaze blues

As you can see in some they do look quite similar and for most one or two could be picked but for me nope! I'm very finicky and can say that all the colours are justifiably different to own them all, especially as this type of blue is my absolute fave colour.

The only ones that are quite comparable in my eyes are Too Yacht To Handle and Aquadelic, they're both a type of teal/blue where A is more teal and darker and T is more turquoise and brighter/lighter. If you were to pick one I'd probably pick Too Yacht To Handle as I prefer that colour and I love the fact that it's brighter.

Kinetic Candy, At Vase Value, Aquadelic, Too Yacht To Handle (left-right per row)

Kinetic Candy and At Vase Value are unique in their own way. KC is a dusty greyish blue whereas AVV is a robin egg blue.

Kinetic Candy and At Vase Value are unique whereas Aquadelic and Too Yacht To Handle have similarities. My favourites out of these are Too Yacht To Handle and At Vase Value, and if limiting it would be those two that I picked.

Hope this helps, any questions etc leave me a comment!

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