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Friday 7 March 2014

China Glaze - City Flourish - 2014

With spring finally here and finding myself dreaming about summer, I thought it's time for some pretty pastels. I spotted China Glaze's new collection and just had to get some.

I limited myself and decided to only purchase colours that were totally different to my collection which tend to consist of many similar colours.

Therefore I decided to buy At Vase Value, In A Lily Bit and Spring In My Step, the three of these looked pastelish on the website and I didn't think I had anything similar.

china glaze city flourish collection

The colours arrived this morning and I must say the colours of the three are absolutely stunning unfortunately though they are quite difficult to apply as they are streaky, but for me they're totally worth extra effort in application because I just love the colours. 

Images of the bottles and swatchers are true to form, whereas the images of manis have a coat of China Glaze Fast Forward top coat. 

The three I got were…

♥ At Vase Value ♥ 

This is a gorgeous what I'd describe as a light robin egg colour, it's by far my favourite colour of the three I bought.

china glaze at vase value

I will add an image of a mani as soon as I try it. x

♥ In A Lily Bit ♥ 

A very pretty pastel lilac, I have nothing similar in my collection it is a bit streaky like the others I'd say this is my least favourite of the collection only due to colour. I used a thin thicker thin coat application for this then topped it with a top coat to even it out. Overall the finish is ok but it's not the tidiest looking finish.

china glaze in a lily bit

chin glaze in a lily bit

♥ Spring In My Step ♥ 

Spring In My Step is a pastel pink it's gorgeous and I haven't seen anything similar by China Glaze before. Streakiness was an issue like the others and this was a 3 coater with the need of topcoat too. This is a gorge colour though and definitely worth the effort.

china glaze spring in my step

china glaze spring in my step

Overall the ease of application is a little bit disappointing, but I will still use them again and don't regret purchasing them because I simply love the colours.

City Flourish Complete Collection Includes...
♥ Thistle Do Nicely
♥ Peonies & Park Ave
♥ Petal To The Metal
♥ Spring In My Step
♥ Strike A Rose
♥ Don't Honk Your Thorn
♥ In A Lily Bit
♥ Lotus Begin
♥ What A Pansy
♥ At Vase Value
♥ Grass Is Lime Greener
♥ Metro Pollen-Tin

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