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Sunday 1 March 2015

Haul - Lush - Easter Collection 2015

The Lush Easter collection came out recently so I had to go and have a look! I love lush products and find they do wonders on my fussy skin.

I ended up buying a few things from the collection.

lush easter 2015

The items I picked up were...♡

♥ Hoppity Poppity ♥
A cute bunny face bath bomb, it has a fresh smell and was only £2.50.

lush hoppity poppity

♥ Immaculate Eggception Yellow/Pink ♥
I had to get these as they contain a surprise inside. They both smell quite similar to me with a vanilla/citrus scent these were £6.95 each. Inside the yellow one is at the bottom (didn't want to ruin the surprise!!)

lush immaculate eggception

♥ Fluffy Egg ♥
This bath bomb looks like the Think Pink bath bomb but egg shaped, it has my favourite scent...Snow Fairy!! This one was £2.95.

lush easter collection 2015

♥ Golden Egg ♥
This is my favourite, it smells like honeycomb. I think this will be moisturising, this was £3.75.

lush golden egg

♥ Bunch of Carrots ♥
These are so cute! They smell like tropical juice which I love these were £5.95 for the bunch so great value as I'm sure these will do three bubble baths.

lush bunch of carrots

lush immaculate eggception surprise

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