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Tuesday 29 April 2014

Nails - China Glaze - Glitter Collection 2014

This is what I have in my glitter collection at the moment…

china glaze glitters, china glaze glitter collection
Fairy Dust, Snow Globe, Techno, Nova and Silver Lining

china glaze glitter review

I love love love all of these glitters, China Glaze make the best glitters.

♥ Fairy Dust ♥ 

china glaze fairy dust

Fairy dust is a very sparkly micro glitter that are multicoloured in a clear base. It's absolutely stunning I always wear this one as a topper, it looks fab over darker one colour manicures and on any colour gradient it is probably my favourite out of them all (I've nearly emptied the bottle!).

♥ Snow Globe ♥ 

china glaze snow globe

Snow globe is exactly like it says, it has a clear base and is crammed full of iridescent multi colour/size glitters. I find that this one looks amazing over blue colours but I'm not as keen on it on black as the yellow glitters stand out too much. I wouldn't wear it on its own either.

♥ Techno ♥ 

china glaze techno

Techno is a clear base polish with holographic hex glitters and silver micro glitter. This one is my second favourite I wear this one on top of everything to give it a little sparkly touch. The only downside with this one as I'm sure you can see is that the hexes are rather hard to get out of the bottle and seem to get stuck down the bottom.

♥ Nova ♥ 

china glaze nova

Nova is very similar to Techno just that it has more glitter packed into the clear base and that the glitter and hexes are smaller. I use this one when I simply need extra glitter coverage.

♥ Silver Lining ♥ 

china glaze silver lining

Silver lining is a silver micro glitter in a clear base, this is my least favourite of them all. What I would use this one for is to do a glitter waterfall especially on black or a dark colour it looks fab and so sparkly.

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