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Monday 25 January 2016

New sparkly phone cases | Haul | CeJo

glittery quicksand cases
I've been seeing a lot of these sparkly quicksand cases flying around social media recently and I just had to get one... well I ended up getting three ooops!!
glitter liquid case
The glittery gold star one is from Ebay and was around £4. I love it, its so pretty and goes perfectly with my gold iPhone. It's a mixture of holo and plain gold stars of mixed sizes and one type of gold glitter. As much as I love this case it is quite bulky and adds a lot of weight to the phone sorta defeating the phone being so light and thin!
gold glitter liquid case
fish tank phone case
I don't love the fish tank one as much as I thought I would. I was between this one and one with a blue liquid and I kind of regret not getting the blue one. It is quite cute though but the white border ruins it a bit and it's as bulky as the star one. This one was also from Ebay for the £4 mark.
skinny dip glitter liquid case
The last is a stunning holo glitter and circle one in silver. From Skinny Dip, this one was rather more pricey at £18 but I do think you get what you pay for as this one is less bulky and better made overall. This is my fave of the three and the one I'm using currently.
silver glitter case

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