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Friday 2 October 2015

Lush Christmas 2015

The new Halloween and Christmas collections are now out in Lush, I popped in today and here's what I got...♡
lush christmas 2015 haul

♥ Peeping Santa - Bubble Bar - £3.95 ♥ 

This bubble bar smells amazing, a sweet sort of strawberry scent mixed with chocolate...YUM! I think this may do two baths as it's quite a generous size. It has lovely skin goodies including cocoa and shea butters so will be a moisturising bath. I love the look of it it's so cute and even has little sparkly hearts on top, can't wait to try it!
lush peeping santa

♥ Yog Nog - Bath Bomb - £3.95 ♥ 

Smells just like the yog nog soap..divine, such a christmasy scent. It has shea butter and coconut oil so this will be fab for winter months and dry skin.
lush yog nog bath bomb

♥ Star Dust - Bath Bomb - £2.95 ♥ 

A sparkly white star that smells similar to butterball and butterbear a very cosy vanilla scent. I think there may be some surprises inside this one as I can see some little blue specks.
lush stardust bath bomb

♥ Five Gold Rings - Bubble Bar - £4.95 ♥ 

These smell a little bit like pears to me, these have illipe butter so again moisturising. I guess you could use one of these per bath depending how much bubbles you want.
lush five gold rings

There's quite a few new exciting products this year and quite a few that I didn't get. Quite a few have disappeared since last year, my favourite the penguin bubble bar has gone :( and I didn't spot the frosty gift sets either.

I will be making videos of these, if you want to see them follow the YouTube link in the sidebar.
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