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Thursday 11 December 2014

Things - Christmas - Advent Calendars

christmas advent calendars 2014

I've ended up with quite a few advent calendars this year, so many I've taken up the whole of my drawer top with them!

The calendars I have are...♡

♥ The Bodyshop advent calendar
♥ Thorntons Snowman and the Snowdog advent calendar
♥ Malteasers advent calendar
♥ My advent house filled up by my mum and sister

♥ Bodyshop Calendar ♥

This calendar is fabulous, it smells and looks fab. If you would like to see more on this calendar follow the link here to my previous post. I'm posting what I get each day on my instagram so check that out if you're interested! I will be making a post about all the contents at the end of December.

♥ Thorntons Snowman and the Snowdog ♥

I love the snowman and the snow dog things (inner kid) they're so cute and not to mention that Thornton's chocolate is simply delicious. My mum kindly got me and my sister one each of these. It even has our names on them cute or what? The chocolates for each day are a little larger than a typical calendar and a bonus is you have 3 white snowmen and your name plaque to eat whenever you like! I think it is quite expensive compared to the typical chocolate advent calendar, but totally worth it especially when it was available from the 5 for £20 deal they had around the end of October! 

♥ Malteasers ♥

A traditional calendar with yummy galaxy type chocolate inside, the chocolate in this are also larger than some chocolate calendars out there and much tastier too. There's a reindeer on the 24th, it says on the front! Would have rather have a surprise ahh well! I was kindly given this one by a family friend.

♥ My advent house ♥

This advent calendar is filled up by my mum and my sister with a mix of chocolates (ferrero rochers my fave) and some gifts. Some days have a chocolate and others have a note with what to open. This is definitely my favourite calendar as the gifts and chocolates are personal to me. You can find more on my calendar here.

thorntons snowman and the snowdog advent calendar
bodyshop advent calendar 2014
advent calendars 2014

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