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Sunday 21 December 2014

Hauls - Christmas - Lush Haul

lush christmas haul 2014

Well I went into Lush about a couple of weeks back and ended up buying too much of the Christmas collection so here goes...♡

♥ Baked Alaska Soap ♥ 

I picked this soap up for its looks alone, its gorgeous with bright blue, green , yellow and pink colour and a snowy looking outer. The scent is a refreshing citrusy smell. Some of the ingredients it contains are lemon myrtle, grapefruit and yang yang oil it also has some coconut oil making it moisturising.
lush baked alaska soap

♥ Father Christmas ♥ 

This is a Father Christmas face bath bomb with the best scent of all...Snow Fairy! Omg my fav scent, it also surprises you as it actually turns the bath green with a bit of sparkle!
lush father christmas bath bomb

♥ Butterbear ♥ 

This is a super cute teddy bear bath bomb with moisturising ingredients including cocoa butter. The scent on this is gorgeous a vanilla and chocolate smell lovely!
lush butterbear

♥ Golden Wonder ♥ 

Is a bath bomb in the shape of a gift in gold with white ribbon, I love this bath bomb it smells really refreshing and turns your bath teal with little stars and sparkle.
lush golden wonder

♥ Luxury Lush Pud ♥ 

A Christmas pudding looking bath bomb in pink this year, this is the scent I'm not so keen on, last year I loved the scent. I went for this one based on its looks and the colours it will turn the bath. This smells similar to Twilight.
lush christmas pudding

♥ Dashing Santa ♥

This cute bath bomb is a running santa, this one also has a lovely citrusy fresh scent, I can't wait to try this one!
lush dashing santa


♥ The Christmas Penguin ♥

 I think this has to be my favourite bubble bar ever, how cute is it! I absolutely love the scent too it's a cosy comforting smell.
lush christmas penguin

♥ The Christmas Hedgehog ♥ 

I'm not amazingly keen on the scent of this one, but wanted to try it due to it having cocoa butter, shea butter and other lovely skin moisturisers in it. It does also look really cute!
lush hedgehog

♥ Holly Golightly ♥ 

This bubble bar looks amazing, the scent is a Christmasy mixed spice scent to me! I can't wait to try it.
lush holly golightly

♥ Star Light, Star Bright ♥ 

A bath melt that looks fab and smells lovely and is full of skin moisturisers such as cocoa butter, shea butter and coconut oil. It apparently turns your bath teal too how pretty!
lush star light star bright

I will make a post soon with what they did in the bath. My stand is now restocked!
lush stash, lush display

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