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Saturday 27 December 2014

Hauls - Boxing Day 2014 - Lush Haul

boxing day lush haul

I decided to go to the sale this year after missing out last year. I saw a few hauls from last year which made it certain that I wanted to go this year.

I did manage to get a few things, but was rather shocked how many things were sold out and not in the sale.

Everything in the sale were 50% off which is amazing! There was a bit of a queue outside the store, but I was second inline by being at the store about 15mins before opening. I literally walked in and as soon as I grabbed a gift set they were all gone and the store was so full I literally couldn't move! 

Even though I still managed to get some of the loose items too, but there wasn't much choice.

I managed to get...♡ 

♥ Santa Claus Is Coming To Town Gift Set - Full Review Here

♥ Two Magic Wands

♥ Shooting Stars Bath Bomb

♥ Hedgehog Bubble Bar

♥ Father Christmas Bath Bomb

♥ Two Northern Lights Bath Bombs

lush boxing day sale 2014

I made an order online too which was quite a difficult process, I managed to get my order through by constantly refreshing my browser. 

I managed to get...♡ 

♥ Three Sakura Bath Bombs
♥ Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds Bubble Bar
♥ Four Penguin Bubble Bars
♥ Eight Sugar Scrubs

lush boxing day 2014

Overall it was well worth it I'm so happy with what I got, did you get anything nice in the sales?

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