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Friday 1 August 2014

Things - DIY - Jar Drinking Cup

I've always thought there's something cute about drinks in jars so I had a look around and places like Amazon sell some plastic versions with lids for about £11ish which is quite expensive for a cup, so I decided I would make one myself.

Things You Will Need...♡ 

Jar - I used a large Kilner purchased from Dunelm Mill - £2.50
Grommets (4) - Halfords - £1.59
Straws (25) - Hobby Craft - £2.99

kilner jar cup
kilner jar diy
halford wiring grommets
halfords grommets
You need to mark the lid like seen below...

kilner jar lid

Drill through the mark (my Dad kindly did mine), then simply place the grommet in and they're done!

Here's the finished look with a cute chevron baby blue straw so cute!

diy jar cup


Here's a summer fruit infused water in my jar (without lid!) it was delicious.

jar cup

Here it is with a refreshing evening drink.

kilner jar drink

If you recreate post them on instagram with #cejo_x  so I can see your creations.  

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