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Friday 10 January 2014

Marc Jacobs Perfume


Just a quick post on some lovely Marc Jacobs perfumes I got gifted this Christmas.

The first one is Daisy it smells gorgeous and florally/fruity, I love it! It reminds me of bright sunny fresh days. The fragrances in the scent are strawberry, violet, jasmine and vanilla.

The bottle looks absolutely fab too with a clear glass design showing the golden goodness inside with a beautiful floral daisy lid on the top it looks fab on my dressing table.  

I got mine in a set which meant I got a shower gel and moisturiser with it too. I've used both of these and the scent lasts all day which is perfect. So far I'm loving this scent and have had no issues with any of the products.

The other I got was Marc Jacobs Dot, this one is just as gorgeous and I would describe it as a sweeter fruitier smell which is definitely a bolder scent than Daisy. I love this one too it smells delicious, it has notes of red berries, jasmine and driftwood.

Dot was in a gift set too.

Dot's bottle is gorgeous, its so detailed a bit like a ladybird and butterfly mixed together. The bottle is red with black spots all over, you can't really see the colour of the perfume. As you can see it has little pretty butterflies all over, its so so pretty.  

The dot lotion included have fabulous scent in them, and have found the scent to last all day Verdanayou use them and add a light spray of the perfume too.

If I had to pick between the both I couldn't I'd have both there both different but equally gorgeous. If you have to pick one or the other I'd suggest finding a Boots or similar and checking them out. I'd go for Daisy for a light fresh smell and Dot if you want a sweeter bolder/stronger scent.

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